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Getting Reserve IDs from MARC records

With some integrations, it may be necessary or preferable to identify OverDrive content within a library's collection using MARC records. In these cases, identifying the MARC records that describe OverDrive content and isolating the OverDrive unique identifier (Reserve ID) for a given title is critical. The Reserve ID is a required variable for many of our APIs.

Supported MARC records include a unique Reserve ID for a specific title along with an "OverDrive, Inc." identifier in line 037. Specifically, this updated version of line 037 can be found in records from these suppliers:

  • OCLC: Available from April 22nd, 2014 on. For historical records, vendors can pull the Reserve ID value and backfill using the 856 field link value after "ContentDetails.htm?id=".
  • OverDrive MARC ExpressAvailable from April 21st, 2014 on. For historical records, OverDrive can redeliver upon request. The 001 field can be used as a match-point when overwriting existing records with the updated information. Or your vendor can pull the reserve ID value and backfill using the 856 field link value after "ContentDetails.htm?id=".
  • eBiblioFile: For historical records missing the updated 037 field, contact eBiblioFile for up-to-date records as necessary.

Example MARC record for an OverDrive eBook from OCLC with an up-to-date 037 field:

=LDR 03467nam 2200469Ia 4500 
=001 ocn793653432 
=003 OCoLC 
=005 20120531110723.0 
=006 m\\\\\\\\d\\\\\\\\ 
=007 cr\cnu---unuuu 
=008 120515s2010\\\\at\a\\\\o\\\\\000\0\eng\d 
=040 \\$aTEFOD$cTEFOD 
=020 \\$a9780987079701 (electronic bk.) 
=020 \\$a0987079700 (electronic bk.) 
=020 \\$z9781921656170 
=020 \\$z1921656174 
=035 \\$a(OCoLC)793653432 
=037 \\$a 83BEEF2F C4B5A46B-12FD- 4E92-9A0A-24DD0C8370B1 $b OverDrive, 
Inc. $n https://www.overdrive.com 
=043 \\$au-at--- 
=050 \4$aHB3675 
=082 04$a304.60994$222 
=049 \\$aTRNG 
=245 00$aProsper or perish$h[electronic resource] /$cedited by Julianne Schultz. 
=246 14$aProsper or perish :$bexploring the limits to growth. 
=260 \\$aBrisbane, Qld. :$bGriffith University,$c2010. 
=300 \\$a1 online resource :$bill. 
=490 1\$aGriffith review ;$v29 
=500 \\$a"Spring 2010" 
=588 \\$aDescription based on print version record. 
=651 \0$aAustralia$xPopulation. 
=650 \0$aCultural pluralism$zAustralia. 
=650 \0$aEconomic development$zAustralia. 
=650 \0$aEnvironmental conservation$zAustralia. 
=655 \4$aElectronic books. 
=700 1\$aSchultz, Julianne,$d1956- 
=710 2\$aGriffith University. 
=776 08$iPrint version:$tProsper or perish.$dBrisbane, Qld. : Griffith University, 
=830 \0$aGriffith review ;$v29. 
=856 40$3OverDrive 
=856 4\$3Image$uhttps://images.contentreserve.com/ImageType-100/2444- 
=994 \\$aC0$bTRN