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New Feature! Search for Changed Records

OverDrive API Partners

You can now use the OverDrive Search API to collect records that have changed since the last time you took updates. The new parameter in the Search API is called "lastupdatetime"; it will return records in the response that have changed since that time.

Note: we make allowances for data replilcation/propogation delays across all of our API servers, so you may occassionally receive records that changed just before your requested lastupdatetime. We'll always try to give you more records than less to ensure you won't miss any critical changes to records in the collection.

As an example, if we had received all the records for an OverDrive collection on 01-DEC-2013 at 03:15:00 AM EST and wanted to receive just the records that had been updated since that time, we'd make a request like...


This request would return only the records that had changed since 01-DEC-2013 at 03:15:00 AM EST.

For more information on searching an OverDrive collection, visit out API Documentation for the Search API.

We hope you'll find this new parameter useful in reducing the amount of data, processing, and time it takes to keep an OverDrive collection current in your OverDrive API implementation.

-The OverDrive API Team