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01-AUG-2018 - OverDrive Magazines

Tags: download, availability, magazines

OverDrive has recently added Magazines as a new format available to libraries. This content will be available on a participating library's OverDrive site and can also be discovered and borrowed through the OverDrive APIs.

OverDrive Magazines' availability will behave similarly to "Simultaneous Use" content, while downloading will be similar to eBooks in an OverDrive Read format. Search, metadata and availability requests may all be used to return magazine content in a library's collection.

OverDrive Magazine content is also available on the OverDrive Developer Integration Library for the purpose of previewing and testing by our API partners.

The format signature for OverDrive Magazines is

"id": "magazine-overdrive",
"name": "OverDrive Magazine",
"mediaType": "Magazine"

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns about the new magazine format or supporting them via the OverDrive APIs, please submit your requests to our support team through the Developer Portal.

Thanks for being an OverDrive API Partner,

-The OverDrive API Team