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01-SEP-2021 - Coming Soon - Changes to OverDrive Checkouts API

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Later this year, we’re planning to make changes to loan fulfillment in the OverDrive Checkouts API. We’re making this update to simplify the fulfillment experience, so your API implementation won’t have to account for the various formats and apps we offer.

What will be changing?

In Checkouts API responses, we’ll no longer provide links to download or open loans directly. Instead, we’ll provide a link that points to a new loan fulfillment interface.

Once a user borrows a title, you’ll pass them to the new interface with an API call. The new interface can be displayed in an iFrame.

When the user reaches the new interface, they’ll be able to:

·       Select a format to download or open their loan.

·       Based on the customer type, get a link to download Libby, Sora, or the LexisNexis Digital Library app (if the title is compatible).

·       Get a link to download Adobe Digital Editions (if the title is compatible).

These changes are now available in our Partner Integration Environment using our Integration Library. See the updated documentation for the Checkouts API here.

When will these changes be implemented?

These changes are already available in our Partner Integration Environment. We expect to deploy these changes to our production environment in early November 2021. We recommend testing the changes in the integration environment now to ensure they won’t adversely impact your existing implementation. Our previous style of download links will continue to be available to partners through the remainder of 2021 as we work with partners to seamlessly implement the new style of download links.

Why are we making these changes?

We recently announced at Digipalooza 2021 that OverDrive will begin the process of sunsetting the legacy OverDrive app. Beginning early next year 2022, users will no longer be able to download and install the OverDrive app. Library users who have not previously installed the app or who may have since upgraded to new devices will not be able to download digital content to the OverDrive app.

For this reason, our current download links may no longer work for many users in many of our partners’ integrations using our APIs. When the legacy OverDrive app is fully sunset, this will be true for all users. We're implementing changes now to ensure that our partners can provide the best possible experience to all users at the library.

Please reach out to our support team through the Developer Portal with any questions or concerns.

As always, thanks for being an OverDrive API partner,

The OverDrive API team