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20-JUL-2023 - New Branding Guidelines for OverDrive API Integrations

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Dear OverDrive API partner,

On May 1, 2023, we sunset the legacy OverDrive app and Libby is now the primary app for users to borrow and download OverDrive titles.

Many patrons recognize the Libby name and branding and may not be aware of the company name OverDrive. To alleviate brand confusion, we have created new guidelines to help you incorporate the Libby brand into your API implementation. Please review this OverDrive API Implementation Branding Guide for recommended updates to your current integration.

In the guide you’ll find recommendations for:

  • Styling of checkouts, holds, and sample buttons
  • Best practices for representing OverDrive formats
  • Sample UI for faceting and title search results

The guide also includes a download link for Libby assets that you can use in your API implementation. By following these guidelines, you will help users associate OverDrive content with the Libby name and branding and simplify how digital formats are represented in the library catalog.

For API partners who work with other OverDrive products (e.g., Sora, Lexis Nexis Digital Library), please note that we will send updated branding guidelines for those products at a later date.

If you have any questions about using the Libby brand in your API implementation, please contact us through the OverDrive Developer Portal.

 As always, thanks for being an OverDrive API partner,

The OverDrive API team