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NEW Support for OverDrive Streaming Video

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Coming 31 March 2014: Support for OverDrive Streaming Video (Format ID: video-streaming).

If you're supporting a library with a streaming video collection, you'll begin to see these titles and this new format in the search, metadata, and availability responses starting on 31 March 2014. If you're also supporting circulations, you'll be able to request holds and checkouts for this new format.

Streaming Video will be "additive" to the OverDrive APIs and will be released in the current version of the APIs. If your implementaiton isn't expecting new format codes, you'll want to make an adjustment before 31 March 2014. If you are expecting to allow checkouts and request download links for streaming video, you'll also need to create the errorpageurl and streamingauthurl before you can make successful requests for links.

You can find more information and updated documentation on the Download API page and the API Reference Guide.

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-The OverDrive API Team