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We've added a few items to our APIs to make it easier to search and sort items in a series or set of volumes.

Our search API now accepts a "series" parameter. And we've included "sortTitle" in the metadata response. Both of these can be used independently to identify books by a certain grouping (series or set).

    "isOwnedByCollections": true,
    "id": "76c1b7d0-17f4-4c05-8397-c66c17411584",
    "mediaType": "eBook",
    "title": "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes",
    "sortTitle": "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes",
    "series": "Sherlock Holmes",

If available, a series value is provided in the metadata response for an item. Using the series value for a particular item, the search API can then be used to construct a search of all other items in that series.

Example: .../products?series="Sherlock%20Holmes" would return all items in the above series "Sherlock Holmes".

For books with multiple volumes of the same title, the sortTitle can often be used to identify the entire group of items in that set.

We hope you find these new items useful for improving the relevance of results and the discovery of digital content.


-The OverDrive API Team