OverDrive Developers

OverDrive Read and OverDrive Listen fulfillment errors

Below you'll find a list of the possible error codes you can get when trying to fulfill an OverDrive Read eBook or OverDrive Listen audiobook with a contentlink.

  • D001: missing
    No message was supplied in the request.
  • D002: stale
    The contentlink used was more than 60 seconds old when Read (or Listen) tried to open it.
  • D003: expired
    This indicates that the lending period has expired for the requested eBook (or audiobook).
  • D004: message reused
    The contentlink was already used to access the eBook (or audiobook).
  • D101: message signature mismatch
    The "signature" doesn't match the message. This can indicate a failed attempt to forge the message.
  • D102: message unreadable
    The attempt to load the object via JSON and base64 failed, or required properties were missing.
  • D103: theme unavailable
    The message specifies a theme, but the theme is not in the connector's list of available themes.
  • D104: book not found
    No eBook (or audiobook) was found that matches the reserveId in the given domain name.
  • D105: book not in your catalogs
    An eBook (or audiobook) matching the reserveId was found, but not in any of the catalogs the connector has access to.
  • D106: book not compatible with outlet
    The eBook (or audiobook) was found, but the wrong outlet (player or reader) tried to open the file. (e.g., an eBook tried to open in OverDrive Listen)