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02-OCT-2015 - NEW Terms & Conditions

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OverDrive API Partners,

This month we added a new piece of information to the GET responses in the OverDrive Patron Information API: The most recent email address used to place a hold from OverDrive (or lastHoldEmail). The purpose of this addition is to allow our partners to make it easier for users to place holds with OverDrive. By using the OverDrive Holds API with the lastHoldEmail together in your application or service, users can place holds on OverDrive content without the need to enter an email address every time. 

Pursuant to this change, we have updated our Terms & Conditions to address the question of acceptable use of this data. Please take a moment to review the latest version of the OverDrive API License Agreement (Terms & Conditions). To make these updates easier for you to find, we've highlighted the exact changes in blue.

As a reminder, continued use of the OverDrive APIs implies consent with our most current license agreement.

Thank you for being an OverDrive API Partner.

-The OverDrive API Team