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21-MAR-2016 - Introducing the OverDrive crossRefId

Tags: crossRefId, readbox, samples, overdrive.com

OverDrive API Partners

In our continuing efforts to bring you the most innovative tools in the industry for the discovery of digital content, we will begin to share the OverDrive crossRefId in our Metadata API response beginning on 21-MAR-2016.

The crossRefId field will allow you to create permanent links to titles on overdrive.com and our new OverDrive library websites. This means that you can structure a URL to link directly to these two resources from your own application. In addition, the crossRefId can be used to embed OverDrive samples directly into HTML resources of your application. 

For more information on how to find and use the new crossRefId, see our updated documentation on the Metadata API page.

As always, if you have any questions or issues implementing these new features, please send us a request for support.

Thanks for being an OverDrive API Partner.

-The OverDrive API Team