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18-DEC-2020 - Coming January 2021: New Record Structure for Magazines

Tags: Magazines, MARC, MARC Express, zinio

Recently, OverDrive switched our magazine supplier to ZINIO. When libraries subscribe to the ZINIO magazine plan, they automatically receive all magazines offered, plus any magazines added during their subscription.

Previously, we had separate records for each individual magazine issue. However, since our magazine offerings are greatly expanded with ZINIO, catalogs could become cluttered with thousands of individual issues. To mitigate this, we’re implementing a new record structure for magazines.

What is the new record structure?

Instead of having separate records for individual magazine issues, we’ll have only a single record per magazine in the catalog. This record will show the most recent issue of the magazine.

Metadata for back issues (up to 3 years old) will be kept in a separate data store, and users will be able to access those issues through a new interface in OverDrive’s products.

When will the new record structure be implemented?

We expect to implement the new structure in mid- to late January 2021. Currently, we’re targeting the week of January 18 for release.

On the release date, we’ll remove individual magazine issues from customer catalogs and add magazines with the new record structure.

If we have any changes to our timeline, we’ll communicate them to you as soon as possible.

How will the new record structure impact OverDrive APIs?

Until the new structure goes live, records for individual magazine issues will continue to work. This includes records for magazines from suppliers other than ZINIO.

Once we implement the new structure, records for individual magazine issues will no longer allow checkouts. At that time, we recommend ensuring that:

·       All old magazine records have been removed from the library’s collection.

·       The new single records to access the most recent issue of each magazine have been added.

·       The new records are updated regularly (e.g., update cover images).

We’ll also add back issues for each magazine to library collections (up to 3 years old). For you to access the details to discover and borrow them, we’re building a new endpoint for the OverDrive APIs and will provide it to you along with information about how it works.

We don’t have a timeline yet for completing the new endpoint. We’ll provide information when available, but there may be a short time when users can only borrow the most recent issue of each magazine through OverDrive APIs. Once the endpoint is ready, we recommend implementing back issue support as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new magazine record structure, please submit them to our support team through the Developer Portal.

As always, thanks for being an OverDrive API partner,

The OverDrive API team