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03-FEB-2017 - OverDrive Metadata Spreadsheet Service Ending 30-MAR-2017

Tags: Metadata, XLS, Spreadsheets, MARC, MARC Express, Marketplace, Excel

Dear OverDrive API Partner,

As of March 30, 2017, OverDrive will no longer be delivering metadata spreadsheets for new content purchases to our customers.

The following updates have been made to OverDrive Marketplace reports to provide the information to our customers that was included in the metadata spreadsheets:

  1. Direct links to titles (856 field URLs) have been added to the “Purchase order history” report export.
  2. Unique title IDs (referred to as “ReserveIDs”) have been added to the “Title status & usage” report export. These title IDs can be used as a catalog match point or to create 856 field URLs. Additional metadata for titles, such as author, publisher, formats, subjects, ISBN, etc. can be also be found in the “Title status & usage” report.

If you use OverDrive metadata to catalog digital titles, please note that we offer free MARC records through the OverDrive MARC Express service. More details, including sample files, can be found in the OverDrive Resource Center. Metadata and collection information is also available to our API partners using the OverDrive Search API and the OverDrive Metadata API.

For more information about all MARC record options, please visit the Resource Center or the MARC record section of OverDrive Marketplace (found under the “Admin” tab). For more information about using our Search and Metadata APIs, please review our API documentation.

Thank you for being an OverDrive API Partner,

The OverDrive API Team