OverDrive Developers

Patch notes

Here's where you'll find a list of recent changes made to our APIs, along with release dates for each version.

  • 7/11/17

    New version of Availability endpoint added, which is explained here more

  • 7/27/15

    Tags: Search

    New search infrastructure behind the scenes. This will result in a faster and more reliable search experience. It also gives us the ability to consider features that were not possible before. We will … more

  • 7/20/15 update

    The ability to update lending period preferences.

    Additional patron information. These additions include information on the patron's lending period preferences as well as checkout and hold limits. … more

  • 4/6/15 update

    Bulk collection metadata. You can now ask for up to 20 titles at a time. See the metadata api documentation.

    Removed support for the Windows Media formats for downloadable video and audiobooks ( … more

  • 3/10/15 update

    The OverDrive Metadata API sometimes reports available formats that are not in the library's OverDrive collection. The most notable case of this is the Kindle format showing up for Canadian … more

  • 2/25/15 Update

    Added support for placing a hold without supplying an email. Details to come soon on the Holds API page

    Fixed an issue where you may have been unable to checkout/download some streaming content.