OverDrive Developers


What are OverDrive’s Application Criteria?

Completed Developer Portal applications will be reviewed weekly by OverDrive. Criteria for acceptance will be based on the applicant having an existing account relationship with OverDrive, or being a third party developer agent for an OverDrive account. For a third party (non-OverDrive account) to be approved, the application must disclose the nature of the project and identify the specific OverDrive account(s) for which the APIs will be utilized. Third party applications will be reviewed to confirm they are within the scope and permitted uses for OverDrive APIs.

Prior to gaining access to OverDrive APIs all applicants will be required to accept the OverDrive API License Agreement. For those approved, OverDrive APIs will be provided under the terms of the License Agreement at no cost.

When will I know about the decision on my application?

OverDrive is committed to delivering superior customer service. It is our goal to review your application and provide you with a decision within one week. We know you’re ready to get started and we’re excited too.

How do I apply for integration with BiblioCommons?

Apply for all of the Library Discovery and Circulation APIs. Once approved, provide your client key and client secret to BiblioCommons because they’ll need to use your API account to access OverDrive services on your behalf.

To allow checkouts and holds through BiblioCommons, you’ll also need to provide them with your OverDrive website ID and authentication name. You can get both of these by filling out this support form with a request to use your existing configuration for your production environment.

With all of this information, BiblioCommons can complete your integration with OverDrive services and their platform. If you’d like a second account for our APIs that won’t be used by BiblioCommons, please fill out two applications, indicating your intent on each.

I have been approved for an OverDrive API. What are the next steps?

All our documentation is publicly available on our Developer Portal website. If you have not already done so, you should begin to familiarize yourself with the documentation and the “real world” examples provided there.

Within 24 hours, you should receive a username and password to access members content on this site. Additionally, a Client Key and Shared Secret for utilizing our APIs will be provided to you within 24 hours of approval.

Can the APIs be used for applications that do not directly support the operations of an OverDrive partner?

No. Our APIs are provided free of charge, but must be used only for the benefit of our partners. Other applications are not permitted. OverDrive reserves the right to revoke client access to any of our APIs if they are being used for unintended purposes. We want to see you succeed, so please play by the rules.

Why are my Client Key and Shared Secret not working when I try to log in to the Developer Portal?

The Client Key and Shared Secret provide access to our APIs, not the Developer Portal. For access to the Developer Portal, you should have received a separate username and password.

My username and password are not working when I try to make a call to an OverDrive API?

The username and password provide access to the Developer Portal, not the individual APIs. For access to our APIs, you should have received a separate Client Key and Shared Secret.

What is OAuth?

OAuth is an authentication protocol. For more information, please visit oauth.net.

How much does it cost to access OverDrive APIs?

They’re free! OverDrive APIs are provided free of charge with the expectation they be used only for the purposes of benefiting our partners. Integration fees and yearly maintenance fees are not charged, but OverDrive also provides no expectation that such services will be provided.

How much support does OverDrive provide for my implementation of their APIs?

OverDrive will support the functionality expressed in the documentation for our APIs. However, OverDrive will not support the various applications of this functionality beyond OverDrive systems and resources. We promise to make our code work, but we can’t promise to make your code work.

When will the next set of APIs be released?

As you can probably guess by our name, OverDrivers are workaholics. We are working furiously to produce the next generation of OverDrive products and services. For updates about upcoming APIs, please keep checking this portal. We try to publish what we’re working on.

My application was rejected. Can I re-apply?

OverDrive carefully considers every application before making a decision. Unless there has been a significant change to your expected implementation of our APIs, it is unlikely that re-applying will produce a different result.

My project didn’t get support and I won’t be able to finish implementing OverDrive APIs. Who should I contact?

We want to know if you won’t be using our APIs. Please send us a support ticket letting us know you’d like to cancel your application and/or your access.

Can I get another Client Key and Shared Secret for accessing OverDrive APIs?

If you are accessing APIs for more than one customer or project, please re-apply for each customer or project. Don’t share a secret with someone for whom it wasn’t intended; that isn’t right.